We are all tiny instruments, and well all own a few

     The idea for tny nstrmnts (tiny instruments) came a couple of years ago when John and I were packing our bags and preparing for a weekend at Summer Camp Music Festival, a three-day camp-out music and arts festival. We decided to bring with us John’s miniature, Taylor acoustic guitar along with my Meinl bongo cojone drum, Remo 24″ frame drum, and X8 drums mini-dijembe–all of our tiny instruments! Our plan was to sit at our campsite with a sign that read, “tiny instruments,” while creating loose melodies and rythms with our selves, our neighbors, and any passersby who noticed the sign (or sounds) and wanted to join in the jam. From the beginning, tny nstrmnts has always been about the communal nature of drum circles and jam sessions.

We spent that entire summer taking our tiny instruments with us wherever we went: to the beach, out on the boat, to parties and get-togethers, even to some random street corners and store fronts. It was during those many days and nights spent playing music with friends that the greater ideas and existential implications for tny nstrmnts manifested.

     Our fascination and exploration of tny nstrmnts has blossomed and bloomed over these last two years. The more time we spent with the concept, the more we realized that everything we do, play, see, hear, are, and want to be can and is somehow related to the notion of tny nstrmnts.

As members of the internet generation, all of the gadgets, technology, websites, devices, and toys we buy, review, sell, use, and lust for are tiny isntruments.

The musical instruments we play, large and small, are ultimately tiny instruments in the context of musical expression as a whole.

The media we consume are pieces, or tiny instruments, in the whole experience of art and hedonistic pleasure we share as cultivators and consumers of music, movies, televison, books, magazines…

Even the politicians, reporters, news channels and sites, and pundits we admire and/or abhore are tiny instruments in the greater governing and ruling systems of the world as we know it.

After pondering, considering, and questioning the nature of the existence of man, consciousness, the human experience, and everything we know and seek to know, it has become increasingly clear to me that we are all tiny instruments in a larger, cosmic sense. We as humans, and everything we have and know, are tiny instruments playing together–though often disharmoniously–in a big band in the sky. A band that has been around since the beginning of time, and whose encore will last as long as this universe.

tny nstrmnts:

the things we play

the things we are

the things we do

the things we can be




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